Top Tips for Caravan Holidays

Static Caravan Holidays are increasing in popularity for families in the United Kingdom; they are great value for money, brilliant for family holidays and a great way of getting away from the busy every-day schedules. So here are a few Static Caravan Top Tips from

And with more and more destinations to choose from and lots of activities on the doorstep it is fast becoming a UK Family favourite

Grab Some Spare Bags – Pop some large carrier bags in your suitcase and put all your dirty laundry in them so when you return from your holiday you are ready to get it all washed and sorted without having to pick out clean and dirty clothing.  Many Holiday Parks have washing facilities so why not take some pegs and even wash and dry whilst away!

Pack the Wellies – It is important to remember that the weather is not always going to be sunny in the UK but that is no reason to put a damper on your holiday, take the wellington boots so you can still enjoy your family caravan holiday.  Who doesn’t love jumping in puddles?

Let There Be Light – During your holiday you may choose to pop out in the evening for entertainment or food, make sure you take a torch so you can find your way back to the static caravan easily.

Fresh Smelling Dog – You may choose to take your dog on holiday with you and during hotter weather dogs tend to jump in lakes or rivers to cool down and this can leave them smelling less than fresh, so take a towel to quickly rub them down and then rub your dog with a tumble-dryer sheet and your ball of fluff will be turned into a beautifully fragrant treat instead of a ball of mouldy water smells.

Life’s a Beach – If you want to spend most of your holiday on the beach then choose a holiday park near the beach so you can go straight to the beach when you feel like it instead of loading up the car and driving down.

The most important tip we can give you is to enjoy yourself, forget about problems at work, forget about redecorating the downstairs bathroom and forget about any worries you have. Instead, sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday, you’ve worked hard for it and you deserve it!

We hope our Top Tips have been useful  – Enjoy your break!


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